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By Parkway ENT and Allergy, PA
July 08, 2016
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Does it seem as if your cold never goes away completely? You may actually have allergies rather than a virus. Dr. David Sycamore, your Katy, TX ear, nose and throat doctor at Parkway ENT and Allergy, shares a few signs that may indicate that you have undiagnosed Allergiesallergies.

Chronic cold symptoms

When you first develop allergies, you may think that you've caught an upper respiratory virus. Your nose runs, you sneeze and you feel congested. When you take a look in the mirror, your eyes are red and swollen. If your symptoms improve after two weeks, a cold probably was to blame, but if you continue to feel awful, you just might have allergies. Unfortunately, allergy symptoms continue as long as you're exposed to the allergen. It's a good idea to visit your ear, nose and throat doctor for allergy testing if your spring cold has now turned into a summer cold.

Dark circles

You might have allergies if dark circles suddenly appear under your eyes, even though you're getting plenty of sleep. The darkening occurs when the small blood vessels in your under eye area fill with blood due to nasal congestion. Because the skin under the eyes is so thin, swelling in these vessels is particularly noticeable.

Nasal crease

Do you have a horizontal line on the bridge of your nose? Many allergy suffers notice that the line appears if they constantly push their noses upward in a attempt to breathe easier.

Mouth breathing

When your nose is constantly congested, it's only natural to begin breathing through your mouth instead. The habit is particularly problematic in children because it can narrow the upper arch of the mouth, leading to crowding when the teeth come in. The effects of mouth breathing can also displace teeth and permanently shorten your child's upper lip.

It's important to seek treatment from a Katy ear, nose and throat doctor if you find it increasingly difficult to breathe through your nose due to chronic congestion, or if you notice that your child only breathes through their mouth. Often, treatment is as easy as relieving allergy symptoms.

Are you concerned that you may have allergies? Call Dr. Sycamore, your Katy, TX ear, nose and throat doctor at Parkway ENT and Allergy, at (281) 712-7241 to schedule an appointment. Relieve your symptoms with allergy treatment!